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The Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) is comprised of 12 peer-elected farmers and four ex officios who invest funds collected through the Iowa corn checkoff program, with a focus on market development, education and research. Elections are held each year to select leadership and representatives from each of the nine crop reporting districts in the state.

ICPB Board of Directors

Larry Buss


Larry Buss is a row crop farmer from Logan, Iowa. He has had success at two distinctly different careers at the same time which are engineering for 49 years and farming for 47 years. Larry currently serves as the Iowa Corn Promotion Board President and serves on the Export &...

Stan Nelson

First Vice President

Stan Nelson has been farming for 42 years in Des Moines County. The southeast Iowa native raises corn, soybeans for seed and hay along with his daughter Valerie, her husband Jared, daughter Emily and her husband Caleb. Stan serves as the First Vice President on the Iowa Corn Promotion Board...

Kelly Nieuwenhuis


Kelly Nieuwenhuis has been farming for 39 years in O’Brien County. His farming includes 2800 acres of row crops that he farms with 2 brothers. Also has a Channel Seed business and part ownership in a 4000 head hog finishing facility. Kelly currently serves as Chair of the Iowa Corn...

Chad Harms

District 1

Chad Harms has been farming for 25 years in Obrien county where he raises corn and soybeans. Harms also started a trucking business that hauls seed, grain and feed ingredients covering a four-state area and was a former seed salesman for Dekalb and Asgrow. Harms has been on the Board...

Joe Roberts

District 2

Joe Roberts farms in Wright County raising corn and soybeans. He has been actively farming with his dad and grandpa as the third generation on their family farm since he was old enough to drive the tractor. They implement various conservation practices from strip till on the corn acres, no-till...

Darla Recker

District 3

Darla Recker has been farming in Fayette County for over 36 years, raising corn, soybeans, and seed corn. Along with her husband Tim, their farm is actively using no till, cover crops, and other conservation tactics to build soil health and improve water quality. Darla serves as the Iowa Corn...

Ryan Steffensen

District 4

Ryan Steffensen has been row cropping in Winnebago County with his dad and brother for nine years and more recently picked up more farm ground in Guthrie County with his wife, Amanda. They are always looking for ways to better their conservation efforts and increase yields. He is a firm...

Derek Kemper

District 5

Derek Kemper is a 5th generation farmer in Tama County, raising corn and soybeans. He farms along his brother-in-law and father-in-law. On their farm, they utilize cover crops for cattle grazing. He graduated from Buena Vista in Criminal Justice and served in the Iowa Army National Guard for eight years....

Pete Brecht

District 6

Pete Brecht, third-generation farmer, has been farming for 40 years near Central City in Linn County. On the family farm, he raises corn and soybeans with his brother and son. Pete currently serves as an Iowa Corn Promotion Board Director representing District 6 and serves as Chair of the Exports...

Ralph Lents

District 7

Ralph Lents has been farming for 45 years, growing corn, soybeans and hay in Adair County. He has uses conservation tillage and no-till practices including buffer strips working to leave the land in better shape than when he started farming it. Ralph currently serves as the Iowa Corn Promotion Board...

Jerod Flaherty

District 8

Jerod Flaherty has been farming in Clarke County for 16 years producing corn, soybeans and various forage crops as well as raising a cow herd. On his operation he utilizes cover crops as well as rotational grazing. Currently Jerod serves as the Iowa Corn Promotion Board Director representing District 8...

Paul Gieselman

District 9

Paul Gieselman has been farming for more than 25 years in Louisa County raising corn, soybeans, hay, aronia berries and a cow-calf operation. He also runs his own small trucking company. He has traveled to China, Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as California and around the Midwest on agriculture...

Greg Alber


Greg Alber has been farming for over 35 years outside of Independence in Buchanan County growing corn and soybeans as well as a cow/calf operation. He currently serves on the Iowa Corn Promotion Board as the Office At-Large and on the Exports & The Grain Trade Committee. Greg is also...

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