Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team

Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team


Why Apply for the Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team? 

Network, learn and advance the corn industry with a group of 20 college students from all across Iowa. 

Who Can Apply? 

Any post-secondary student who has completed high school and is attending an Iowa college or university to pursue a career in agriculture.  

Up to 20 students are selected, up to four second year CAT students can be selected. Getting representation from all Iowa universities and colleges is a priority. Typically, one student is selected from each school. Iowa State can be represented by up to seven students. We encourage students to apply again if they did not get in their first year applying.

Collegiate Advisory Team 2023-2024 Schedule

CAT members are encouraged to get involved locally and participate in local, district and other state activities and events as they have time.  


CAT costs nothing for you as an Iowa Corn student member. All CAT students must pay the $20 student membership fee. Meals, lodging, and other expenses are paid for by Iowa Corn; that includes a $50 ethanol gift card for events to cover gas. Students who attend all sessions will be eligible to receive a $200 scholarship in August 2024. To become a student member, click here.

CAT Team Members Can Expect To:

2023-2024 Collegiate Advisory Team

Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team 2023-2024

For more information, contact:

Denise Forney

Vice President of Talent and Organizational Development
5505 NW 88th Street, Johnston, IA 50131
(515) 225-9242 |