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Unlocking Corn’s Production Potential Through Research and New Uses

Research is a fundamental element of our organization’s purpose. The Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) invests corn checkoff funds into research projects that create higher blends of renewable fuels, improve livestock feed and create new uses for corn, and increase the efficiency of corn production. Research efforts are also focused on enhancing the corn crop itself – developing technologies to increase corn utilization, connecting with startups focused on corn use and trait innovations, and even understanding the function of corn’s genetic code.

It goes without saying, all these research efforts to find new corn uses, improve the sustainability of corn production and increase yields have one goal: Keep Iowa corn farmers profitable.

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Researching New Uses

ICPB investments in research aim to find new, innovative uses for corn and improve the production efficiency of growing corn.

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Understanding Carbon Capture & Landowner Rights

Carbon capture has become a hot issue in the agriculture industry. Explore our carbon capture FAQs and learn more about what the Iowa Corn Growers Association is doing on the policy front.

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Ag Carbon Markets – What to Know

As companies and organizations look to lower their greenhouse gas emissions, farmers can be part of the solution. Learn more about ag carbon markets and the opportunities they present to farmers.