corn silos in Iowa

Developing Markets for Corn

Individual farmers benefit by collaborating with one another and investing in commodity checkoff programs to expand demand for their products. Your 1 cent per bushel combines with other corn grower pennies in Iowa to drive market development that expands domestic use and increases export demand for corn in all forms.

For every dollar invested in international market development programs such as the U.S Grains Council or the U.S. Meat Export Federation, Iowa corn farmers see a 6:1 return on their checkoff investment. These partners work around the world to build markets, improve lives and enable trade for corn, DDGS, ethanol and cornfed meat products.

an ethanol plant

Expanding Opportunities for Ethanol

Our state is a top producer of ethanol. Making ethanol not only vital to our farmers’ bottom lines but creating a cleaner burning, homegrown fuel option gives consumers more choice at the pump.

cattle on farm in iowa
ICGA Grain Tour

Building Demand for Corn Exports

The best way to enhance grower profitability is to create new demand for corn including exporting corn in all forms. Explore the ways we’re creating demand for Iowa corn-based products.