Iowa Corn state fair

Engage with Iowa Corn at Events Across the State

There are lots of ways corn connects to our everyday lives, including some of Iowa’s biggest events!

Iowa Corn at Nascar

Iowa Corn 350 Powered by Ethanol NASCAR Race

How does corn connect to racing? Through ethanol! On or off the track, corn-based ethanol is good for drivers’ wallets, engines and our environment. And as the sponsor of the first-ever NASCAR Cup series race at Iowa Speedway, we’re excited to put ethanol’s power and performance on full display.

Iowa Corn State Fair

Iowa Corn Day at the Iowa State Fair

The Iowa State Fair is the single largest event in our state, attracting more than 1 million people from all over the world each year. It’s also a major celebration of agriculture in our state. And our favorite day of the Iowa State Fair? Iowa Corn Day, of course!

Cy-hawk series mascots

Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series

The Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series™ brings all Iowans together to celebrate the rivalry that showcases the many ways Corn Grows Iowa. Learn more about the Series, see who’s leading the current matchup plus keep tabs on the historical results.

Iowa Corn Mobile Trailer

Bring Iowa Corn to Your Event

Iowa Corn is ready to roll up to your event and educate attendees via two sweet-looking educational units stocked full of interactive displays, videos, and more.

Corn going into bin

More Ways to Learn about Iowa Food & Farming

Curious about how our food is grown and raised today? Explore these resources on all things food and farming.


CommonGround is made up of women farmers who love to connect with other women about food, work and family. The program features 250 women in farming across the U.S., including 30 from Iowa.