Corn field in Iowa

Iowa Corn Staff

The Iowa Corn staff might just be the most passionate group of folks you’ll meet. Passionate about corn’s potential and what it does for our state. Passionate about creating relationships and connections around this crop and the people growing it. From government relations to research, communications to grassroots support, the Iowa Corn staff is here to help Iowa corn farmers remain profitable.

Craig Floss Headshot

Craig Floss

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Jones Headshot

Brian Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Denise Forney headshot

Denise Forney

Vice President of Talent and Organizational Development

Chris Bengtson headshot

Chris Bengtson

Manager of Economic Analysis & Investments

Shannon Textor headshot

Shannon Textor

Vice President of Communications

Amanda Fortman headshot

Amanda Fortman

Publications Manager

Rachel Zumbach headshot

Rachel Zumbach

Public Relations Manager

Ryan Sauer headshot

Ryan Sauer

Vice President of Market Development

Becca Ahrendsen headshot

Becca Ahrendsen

Market Development Manager

Kevin Studer

Kevin Studer

Vice President of Government Relations

Emily Callison headshot

Emily Callison

Director of Public Policy

Carrie Dodds headshot

Carrie Dodds

Vice President of Grower Services

Shelton Hoefling headshot

Shelton Hoefling

District 1 Field Manager

Vanessa Trampel

Vanessa Trampel

District 2 Field Manager

Nolan Lyness headshot

Nolan Lyness

District 3 Field Manager

Janelle Kracht headshot

Janelle Kracht

District 4 Field Manager

John Stoakes headshot

John Stoakes

District 5 Field Manager

Megan Cady headshot

Megan Cady

District 6 Field Manager

Kristen Akers headshot

Kristen Akers

District 7 Field Manager

Alyssa Preston headshot

Alyssa Preston

District 8 Field Manager

Victoria Armstrong headshot

Victoria Armstrong

District 9 Field Manager

Rod Williamson headshot

Rod Williamson

Vice President of Research & Sustainability

Alex Buck headshot

Alex Buck

Director of Industrial Innovation

Greg Wandrey headshot

Greg Wandrey

Director of Sustainability

Valeria Sanchez headshot

Valeria Sanchez

Senior Director of Finance

Sarah Harris headshot

Sarah Harris

Financial Manager

Lynnette Rohrs headshot

Lynnette Rohrs

Administrative Services Manager

Michelle Poe headshot

Michele Poe

Administrative Assistant

Donna Lemon headshot

Donna Lemon

Administrative Assistant