Iowa Corn mobile trailer at the Iowa State Fair

Iowa Corn Mobile Education Trailers

Not everyone can visit a farm or an ethanol plant, so we bring the experience to you with two mobile education trailers that provide a fun, interactive experience for attendees to learn all about corn and biofuels. Learn more about the trailers and reserve one for your next event!

Iowa Corn Mobile Trailer

Iowa Corn Mobile Educational Trailer

Looking for a hands-on experience to learn about all things Iowa corn? Look no further than the Iowa Corn Mobile Education Trailer! From the food on your table to the gas in your car, this trailer is a fun, interactive experience for Iowans of all ages!

Biofuels Mobile Education Center

Biofuels Mobile Education Center

This trailer is dedicated to all things biofuels – how they’re produced here in Iowa, how they improve our environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and how they positively impact our economy. At 45-feet long and stocked full of educational, interactive displays, videos and more, the Biofuels Mobile Education Center is making its way across Iowa.