Iowa farmers smiling and chatting


Everyone eats, but not everyone knows a farmer. CommonGround was created to connect you with the real families – and real women – growing and raising your food today.

Finding our CommonGround

People naturally have a lot of questions about their food, and we want to answer them. CommonGround is an important program for Iowa Corn, because we’re passionate about connecting consumers with our state’s farmers. Women in particular play a big role on the farm, representing 36% of farmers today. And when you have a chance to meet farmers in our state, you’ll find we share a lot of the same values and expectations as you.

Iowa’s CommonGround Farmers

The Iowa women farmers below are dedicated to answering questions about food and farming, and building trust and connection along the way.

Iowa CommonGround farmers

CommonGround is a partnership between Iowa Corn, the Iowa Soybean Association and the National Corn Growers Association.