Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series Game

Celebrating the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series

Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series Logo

A Rivalry That Unites Us All

Iowa’s corn farmers are proud to sponsor the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series™ to celebrate our great state and the sports rivalry that unites us all. The Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board partner with Learfield on behalf of both Iowa State University and University of Iowa Athletic Departments for the title sponsorship of the of the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series.

We’re proud to sponsor the Series because it’s a tribute to the hard-working student athletes who give it their all in their sport and fields of study. Just like the hard-working Iowa farmers who work to produce some of the best corn in the world!

Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Score

Football: 3 Points
All other matchups: 2 Points
Next Event: Women’s Gymnastics
Score Date Winner Event Location
2-1 8-24-23 Iowa Women’s Soccer Iowa City
3-2 9-6-23 ISU Women’s Volleyball Iowa City
20-13 9-9-23 Iowa Football Ames
2nd Place 11-10-23 ISU Women’s Cross Country NCAA Regional
2nd Place 11-10-23 ISU Men’s Cross Country NCAA Regional
18-14 11-26-23 Iowa Men’s Wrestling Ames
67-59 12-6-23 Iowa Women’s Basketball Ames
90-65 12-7-23 ISU Men’s Basketball Ames
168-115 12-8-23 Iowa Women’s Swim and Dive Ames
5-2 2-16-24 Iowa Women’s Tennis Ames
196.450-196.175 3-8-24 IOwa Women’s Gymnastics Ames
4-16-24 Softball Ames
*Events are subject to change.

Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Historical Results

The Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series began in 2004.

Year Winner Score
2004-2005 Iowa 13-8
2005-2006 Iowa State 13-8
2006-2007 Iowa 13-8
2007-2008 Iowa State 18-9
2008-2009 Iowa 21-4
2009-2010 Iowa State 16-11
2010-2011 Iowa 15-11
2011-2012 Iowa State 17-11
2012-2013 Iowa 17-9
2013-2014 Iowa State 14-11
2014-2015 Iowa State 15-11
2015-2016 Tied 12-12
2016-2017 Iowa 20-7
2017-2018 Iowa State 14-13
2018-2019 Iowa 15-10
2019-2020 Iowa 15-8
2020-2021 Series Paused
2021-2022 Iowa State 14-11
2022-2023 Iowa State 17-8