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Together We Can Make a Difference

Everyone wants clean-tasting water. Rural and urban citizens share the responsibility in protecting Iowa’s water supply. Here are some guidelines we can all follow in our homes:

Storm water runoff
Iowa receives 34 inches of rain a year on average. Rain or snow runoff can carry sediments and contaminants into surface or groundwater. Cleanwater Iowa encourages all Iowans to take steps to better manage the rain that falls on their property by focusing on preventing runoff and promoting infiltration.

Pet waste
Pets outnumber children 4 to 1 in America. Many municipalities encourage their residents to remove and dispose of pet waste away from the water supply. Improper disposal of pet waste raises the risk of contamination from parasites and bacteria.

Cleaning products
For the products we use to clean our home, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says to follow label directions for proper use, storage and disposal. Do not pour hazardous chemicals into storm sewers, as it impacts drinking water quality.

Vehicle washing
On average, 38 gallons of water are used per vehicle at the car wash, according to WashMyCar.org. The DNR says if you wash your car at home, it’s better to do it on your front lawn than driveway to avoid runoff. But it says using a car wash is an even better option for the environment, as that water is properly treated.

Lawn and garden products
Did you know Iowa is the only state completely within the tallgrass prairie formation? Because of its rich soil and yearly rainfall, gardeners enjoy planting a wide variety of plants. The DNR says to minimize fertilizer use and don’t overwater your lawn. Most lawns need about 1 inch of water per week, so only water enough to make up for the lack of rainfall.

Together we can make a difference.

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