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Here in Iowa our livestock, our athletes and our economy are all corn fed! Corn Grows Iowa

Countless households across this great state remain united, despite being divided on whether to cheer for the Hawkeyes or Cyclones. It’s a passion that endures our entire lives. Iowa’s corn farmers are equally passionate about growing the corn that is used in thousands of everyday products.

2-1 8.29.19 Women's Soccer Iowa City
18-17 9.14.19 Football Ames
3-2 9.21.19 Volleyball Iowa City
11.15.19 Men's Cross Country Stillwater, OK
11.15.19 Women's Cross Country Stillwater, OK
6-29 11.24.19 Wrestling Ames
69-75 12.11.19 Women's Basketball Ames
84-68 12.12.19 Men's Basketball Ames
179-121 12.13.19 Swimming and Diving Ames
4-3 2.28.20 Tennis Ames
3.6.20 Gymnastics Ames
4.15.20 Softball Ames
*Events are subject to change.
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