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Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series

When the Cyclones and Hawkeyes Play, Iowans Win!

The Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk game brings all Iowans together to celebrate the rivalry that showcases the many ways that Corn Grows Iowa. When that happens, Iowans Win! Share your game day photos to social with #iowanswin.

Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Match-Up Points for Winning Team:
  • Football: 3 points

  • All other matchups: 2 points

2-1 8.24.23 Women's Soccer Iowa City
3-2 9.6.23 Women's Volleyball Iowa City
20-13 9.9.23 Football Ames
2nd place 11.10.23 Women's Cross Country NCAA Regional
2nd place 11.10.23 Men's Cross Country NCAA Regional
18-14 11.26.23 Men's Westling Ames
67-59 12.6.23 Women's Basketball Ames
90-65 12.7.23 Men's Basketball Ames
168-115 12.8.23 Women's Swim and Dive Ames
5-2 2.16.24 Women's Tennis Ames
3.8.24 Women's Gymnastics Ames
4.16.24 Softball Ames
*Events are subject to change.
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Women's Gymnastics
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