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Corn Grows Iowa

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Corn grows Iowa

Corn Grows Iowa.

How corn benefits the state of Iowa.

We like to say Iowa grows corn, but the truth is, Corn Grows Iowa. You’ve probably experienced the “highway view” of corn as you travel our great state. But take a closer look, and you’ll discover the many connections you have to corn.

Corn kernel

Corn grows fuel.

A renewable fuel that’s better for our environment, our health, our wallets – and grown right in our backyard? That’s corn-based ethanol, and Iowa produces more of it than any other state, giving you an abundance of choice at the pump. But all that choice can be confusing. Let’s break down the options (you can also use our Vehicle Fuel Finder to find the best fuel for your vehicle, plus locate where to fuel up in Iowa).




70%-85% ethanol blend for flex fuel vehicles (FFV). The cleanest & most affordable option for FFVs, benefiting your wallet & the environment. Check your owner’s manual before fueling with E85.




15% ethanol blend approved for 2001 & newer vehicles. The lowest cost, lowest carbon fuel choice for over 96% of cars on the road today! Should not be used in small engines.

Super Unleaded



10% ethanol blend approved for use in all vehicles, & the most commonly used fuel in the U.S. Also approved for small engines such as lawn mowers, boats & motorcycles.




Typically only recommended for sports cars or luxury vehicles. The most expensive fuel available. Offers little to no benefit for standard cars and trucks.

A win for your health and the environment.

Choosing ethanol at the pump means a healthier environment and healthier you. Ethanol helps reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 43%, while also decreasing the amount of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and other toxins in our air – something your lungs and overall respiratory health will thank you for.

Corn kernel

Corn grows food.

When it comes to corn, there’s plenty to go around for fuel AND feed that ultimately means corn-fed food on your table. In fact, corn is such a versatile crop that one of the byproducts of ethanol – dried distillers grains – is frequently used as a feed ingredient for animals. Basically, we can thank corn for the meat, dairy, poultry and eggs we all enjoy.

Corn kernel

Corn grows products.

Did we mention corn is used to make over 4,000 everyday products? From fireworks to diapers to soap, you’ll find corn on the label for literally thousands of non-food products. Corn, it really is everything.

Corn kernel

Corn grows conservation.

More than 97% of Iowa’s farms are family owned. Why does that matter? It means that not only are these family farmers focused on growing a crop we all benefit from, but they’re also deeply vested in leaving a legacy for the next generation of their family. And that requires the utmost care of our water and soil.

From adopting sustainable farm practices like cover crops and no-till that protect our soil to reducing fertilizer use with on-farm technology, learn more about how Iowa farmers care about the water we share.

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