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CommonGround is based on the idea that we need to make food and farming personal. When consumers understand that real families are raising their food and that they share common values and expectations, they have more trust in farming.

CommonGround is an important program for Iowa Corn and other partners because as consumers get further away from the farm, the more questions they have about the food they feed their families.

This program is a joint partnership between Iowa Corn, the Iowa Soybean Association, the National Corn Growers Association, and the United Soybean Board. These women have been chosen to represent Iowa in this national campaign to talk to the consumer.

  • Abbie Johnson, Floyd

  • Aimee Bissell, Bedford

  • Alicia Humphrey, Lenox

  • Allie Wise, Decorah

  • Amber Kohlhaas, Algona

  • Amy Nelson, Donahue

  • Amy Tlach, Prole

  • April Hemmes, Hampton

  • Ashley Recknor, Clarion

  • Ashley Smeby, Ames

  • Cassie Cannon, Prairie City

  • Corinne Rowe, Dallas Center 

  • Crystal Blin, Independence 

  • Erica Lain, Corydon

  • Joan Maxwell, Donahue

  • Julie Van Manen, Kellogg

  • Katie Hall, Clive

  • Katie Hermanson, Story City

  • Katie Olthoff, Stanhope

  • Keisha Thompson, Milo

  • Kellie Blair, Dayton

  • Kerri Bell, Keota

  • Laura Cunningham, Nora Springs

  • Laura Showalter, Hampton

  • Lexi Marek, Webster City

  • Lisa Kubik, Traer

  • Lynn Bolin, Clarksville

  • Mary Lauver, Lohrville

  • Megan Alliger, Gowrie

  • Melissa Moretz, Kensett

  • Molly Mormann, Manchester

  • Nicole Woodley, Clarion

  • Paige Hepp, Rockwell City

  • Pat Swanson, Ottumwa

  • Paula Ellis, Donnellson

  • Rachel Binning, Waukee

  • Rhonda Hill, Madrid

  • Sara Preston, Swea City

  • Sara Ross, Minden

  • Shari Sell-Bakker, Dike

  • Steph Essick, Dickens

  • Stephanie Haywood, Albia

  • Tarin Tiefenthaier, Carroll

  • Val Plagge, Latimer

The goal is to create awareness and put a face to farm families, while talking to women who are purchasing the food for their families.

Visit for more information on CommonGround. 

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