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Biofuels Mobile Education Center


What’s that sweet-looking trailer cruising down the highway? The Iowa Corn Promotion Board teamed up with Absolute Energy, Big River Resources, Golden Grain Energy and Homeland Energy Solutions to create this fun and immersive experience that explains to rural, urban and people of all ages how biofuels are produced here in Iowa, contribute to our economy, improve our environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It’s like a classroom and entertainment center on wheels. Keep your eyes peeled because it may soon pull into an event near you. 

At 45-feet-long and stocked full of educational, interactive displays, movies and more, the Biofuels Mobile Education Center is making its ways across Iowa. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to learn more about Iowa’s homegrown fuel.  

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5/25/2023 Pocahontas Catholic School
6/2/2023 Fredricksburg Dairy Days
6/3/2023 Ag Day on the Square in Washington
6/5/2023 Ericson Public Library in Boone 
6/10/2023 Pridefest East Village, Des Moines 
6/16/2023 Ag in the Classroom Teacher Workshop, Knoxville Raceway
6/16/2023 Gladbrook Corn Festival
6/17/2023 Lawler Irish Fest 
6/22/2023 Waukon Music in the Park
6/24/2023 Frontier League Baseball Game, IL Corn
6/27/2023 Iowa Youth Conference, Ames
6/24/2023 Franklin County Trivia Night
7/1/2023 Linn County Fair
7/2/2023 Pack in the Park, Anita
7/3/2023 Sigourney 4th Celebration
7/4/2023 Ag of All in Greenfield
7/7/2023 Buchanan County Fair
7/8/2023 Mills County Fair
7/12/2023 Davis County Fair
7/13/2023 Webster County Fair
7/14/2023 Taylor County Fair
7/15/2023 Poweshiek County Fair
7/16/2023 Marion County Fair
7/17/2023 Polk County Fair
7/18/2023 Blackhawk County Fair STEM Day
7/20/2023 Valley Junction Farmers Market
7/21/2023 Montgomery County Fair
7/22/2023 Harrison County Parade
7/23/2023 Decatur County Fair
7/24/2023 Lucas County Fair
7/25/2023 RAGBRAI, Berkely
7/26/2023 Plymouth County Fair
7/27/2023 Oskaloosa Sweet Corn
7/28/2023 Mitchell County Fair
7/29/2023 Hamilton County Fair
7/30/2023 Humboldt County Fair
8/1/2023 Red Oak, Night On the Town
8/4/2023 Clayton County Fair 
8/5/2023 Sidney Rodeo
8/13/2023 Iowa Events Center
8/14/2023 Iowa Events Center
8/15/2023 Iowa Events Center
8/24/2023 Dekalb Corn Festival
8/25/2023 Dekalb Corn Festival
8/26/2023 Dekalb Corn Festival
8/27/2023 Dekalb Corn Festival
8/28/2023 Farm Progress Show, IL Corn
8/29/2023 Farm Progress Show, IL Corn
8/30/2023 Farm Progress Show, IL Corn
8/31/2023 Farm Progress Show, IL Corn
9/8/2023 Viafield Annual Meeting
9/14/2023 Clay County Fair


*dates and locations are subject to change

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