ICGA Delegates Adopt Policies Impacting Iowa Corn Farmers at Annual Grassroots Summit

The Iowa Corn Growers Association® (ICGA) hosted the Annual Grassroots Summit where ICGA delegates set the direction for state and federal policy priorities for the coming year. During the Grassroots Summit, a group of over 100 farmer-member delegates voiced their opinions and thoughts on legislative priorities and policies.

ICGA delegates engaged in important topics that impact landowner rights of Iowa’s corn farmers, including adopting policy to support the entirety of the current permitting process outlined in the Iowa Code for utility projects regulated by the Iowa Utilities Board and current rules for restoration of agricultural land during and after construction. The decision is consistent with existing policy to protect landowner rights and further the support of landowners to negotiate requirements higher than state minimums on their individual property as they deem necessary.

Delegates then adopted new policy to support the implementation of carbon capture and sequestration pipelines to lower the carbon-intensity scores of ethanol plants. As policy for climate-friendly energy sources continues to gain momentum and support, carbon capture and sequestration technology creates an avenue to incorporate higher-ethanol blends into America’s fuel supply and lays the groundwork for ICGA’s federal ethanol policy priority, the Next Generation Fuels Act.

“ICGA members stand united in our support for the continued exploration and development of new market opportunities for corn and the profitability of farmers,” stated incoming ICGA President Denny Friest, a farmer from Radcliffe, Iowa. “That commitment to expand corn usage has been and will remain essential to the strength and longevity of our corn industry. A strong corn industry is a win for all Iowans, and that’s something we can all support.”

Additionally, the farmer delegates reviewed expiring policies and debated new policy resolutions. This ICGA policy process includes a member-wide survey in the spring, local roundtable discussions held in the summer, and the Annual Grassroots Summit in late August. Policies related to national issues will be brought forward at the Commodity Classic meetings with National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) farmer delegates.  

ICGA delegates deliberated on many important state issues impacting Iowa corn farmers, including these priority issues: conservation and water quality, taxes, trade, transportation, supporting the livestock industry and expanding ethanol markets.

ICGA will release its finalized 2023 state and federal policy priorities in December based on ICGA Board discussion as well as the grassroots input provided during the Summit. The complete 2022-2023 policy resolution book will be available online and upon request by emailing corninfo@iowacorn.org or calling 515-225-9242. 

For More Information:

Rachel Zumbach, Public Relations Manager, rzumbach@iowacorn.org, 515-225-9242 

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