2022 October Stewardship Advocate

As harvest is wrapping up and colder weather is on the horizon, soil temperatures are nearly in the safe zone for fall nitrogen applications.  Risk of nitrogen loss is reduced when soil temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees.  Be sure to test your soil to account for this nitrogen and make sure it doesn’t leave the soil and cause water quality problems in the spring.  Here are some nitrogen management recommendations:

  • Verify soil nitrate levels with soil testing before fall applications.
  • All fall nitrogen applications should have a nitrification stabilizer.
  • Take advantage of residual soil nitrate and consider split applications.
  • Plant cover crops, which can easily retain more than 25 lbs of nitrogen per acre.

Tune into the BigShow TODAY at 11 a.m. to learn more about the Iowa Nitrogen Initiative. Hear from Dr. Mike Castellano from Iowa State University, Bill Northey from the Iowa Nutrient Research & Education Council, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig and Iowa corn farmers Roger Zylstra, Tim Recker and Stan Nelson. Hear about the Iowa Nitrogen Initiative, farmers experienced being engaged with the trails and how to get your own farm involved with the trials.


Major USDA grant supports pioneering agricultural genome to phenome collaboration led by Iowa State University

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Urges Iowans to Report Asian Copperleaf Sightings

Farmers nationwide send a strong message to EPA on atrazine

Welcome to the New NRCS Website


November 2, 12, 19, 23, 30  –Iowa Learning Farm Conservation Webinars  – Webinar

November 9 – Highlights from a Decade of INRC Research & Impacts: Hot Spots, Prairie Potholes & Prairie Implementation – Ames & Webinar

November 15 – Cover Crop Field Day – Fremont 

November 17 – Southfork Watershed Soil Health Forum and Trade Show – Iowa Falls

November 22 – Wetland and Cover Crop Field Day – Keota 

November 29 – No-Till and Cover Crop Field Day – Greenfield 

November 30 – December 1 – Integrated Crop Management Conference –  Ames

December 5-6 – The Big Soil Health Event – Cedar Falls


Hear from Dr. Mike Castellano from Iowa State University as he shares about the importance of nitrogen management and the Iowa Nitrogen Initiative.

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