2022 June Stewardship Advocate

Hello and welcome to summer! Here are some of the hot sustainability programs, events and news of the month. Check out the update and information regarding the Iowa Pest Management Program and Monarch butterfly population below.  

Pest Resistance Management – The Iowa Pest Resistance Management Program is a grassroots effort with farmer input designed to prevent any pest from becoming resistant to pesticides or traits.  The Pest Resistance Plan, created with input from farmers who are Iowa Corn leaders, is developing a strategy to minimize the development of pest resistance. Read more about the coalition.   

With pest resistance as a concern, many weeds and insects have the potential to develop resistance.  Growers should help manage their pests to avoid the need for the creation of more effective herbicides. 

Monarch Butterfly – The World Wildlife Fund released a report that indicates that the eastern Monarch butterfly population has increased.  The World Wildlife Fund publishes an annual report on the status of this insect.  The reason the population of this species is important is because of the potential for this butterfly to be listed as “threatened or endangered species” by the EPA.  The Monarch migrates south to Mexico each year.  The study found that the Monarch population in the Mexican forest is estimated to be 35% larger than last year.  See more information here

For information and questions regarding these updates, reach out to Rod Williamson, Director of Research and Development at Iowa Corn.  

Also check out the events section below and find a field day to attend this summer. There are some great opportunities across the state to learn about new conservation practices and programs and network with other farmers and landowners.


Important conservation information for Iowa’s streams and rivers 

Improving Soil Health: What to Measure and Why 

Soil Health and Grazing Field Days to Be Held in Northeast Iowa 

Northwest Iowa family builds international success with fertilizer technology 

 Dad inspires sons to embrace change on the farm 

Legacy is a gift, but it’s not guaranteed 

Conservation agronomists: the bridge between farm sustainability and profitability


June 25 – Connecting Agriculture and Conservation Field Day, Radcliffe 

June 27 – Tile Drainage Opportunities and Challenges, Webinar    

June 29 – ISU Corn Rootworm Field Day – Armstrong Research Farm, Lewis  

July 5 – Commercial Manure Applicator Certification,Washington County  

July 6, 7, 8  – Soil Health and Grazing Field Days, Traer, Clermont, Epworth   

July 7 – ISU Corn Rootworm Field Day – Southeast Research Farm, Crawfordsville   

July 7 – Practical Farmers of Iowa – Brian and Dan Voss Field Day, Palo 

July 9 – Saturated Buffer Strip Field Day with Cedar Creek Watershed Project, Hedrick 

July 9 – Prairie Strips and Conservation on Big Spirit Lake, Orleans   

July 12 – Relay Cropping in Iowa, Webinar 

July 12 – ISU Corn Rootworm Field Day – Northern Research Farm, Kanawha   

July 13 – ISU Corn Rootworm Field Day – Northwest Research Farm, Sutherland   

July 16 – Practical Farmers of Iowa – Arthur and Lee Wisecup Field Day – Missouri Valley 

July 19 – Commercial Manure Applicator Certification, Hampton/Franklin County  

July 19 – ISU Corn Rootworm Field Day – Northeast Research Farm, Nashua   

July 21 – Commercial Manure Applicator Certification,  Sioux County     

July 23 – Practical Farmers of Iowa – Sara & Bob Pearson Field Day, Wesley 

July 27 – Prairie Strips Field Day, Zwingle    

July 30 – Cover Crops, Cattle and Conservation Projects Field Day, Glidden 

Every Wednesday – Iowa Learning Farms Webinar Series


Ever feel like your crops are hurting? Do you want to increase your soils organic matter? Farmers used to feel the same, but they began to produce higher yields once they started using cover crops… these are practices that they wish they would have started years ago.

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