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Iowa Corn Growers Association
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Policy Development

ICGA works to support state and federal policy on renewable fuels, decrease regulatory burdens on the livestock industry and much more. The single most important action we take for our members is to support sound policy development and pro-farmer legislation. Iowa Corn Grower Association (ICGA) works to support state and federal policy on renewable fuels, decrease regulatory burdens on Iowa's livestock industry, improve Farm Bill programs and promote trade policies that benefit Iowa corn farmers. The policies that you set are more than the messages to carry to the capitol but how we keep our elected officials accountable. ICGA policy development starts with you! As an ICGA member, you determine ICGA policy priorities and ensure they’re implemented through:

  • Your ICGA membership involvement
  • Completing the Annual Policy Survey in June
  • Actively participating in the face-to-face roundtables in crop reporting districts in July
  • Attending the Annual Meeting in August to set policies and priorities for the Iowa Corn Growers Association
  • Engaging in advocacy calls-to-action and sending a message your legislators or a government agency on critical, time-sensitive issues. There’s strength in numbers and your voice matters
  • Staying engaged in leadership outreach activities like Collegiate Advisory Team (CAT) and I-LEAD

We are constantly on the lookout, searching for ways we can improve policy, defend Iowa farmers’ ability to operate, and put a stop to harmful regulations that could hinder profitability. We aim for results so we work diligently to follow up and hold our elected officials accountable. Review our policy book below to see all of our policy objectives. 

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