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Iowa Corn Growers Association
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ICGA Political Action Committee

Policy Development Starts with You!

As an Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) member, you determine ICGA policy priorities through:

  • Your membership involvement
  • Annual Policy Survey you complete as a member in May
  • Face-to-face roundtables in crop reporting districts in June
  • Setting policy at the Annual Meeting in August
  • Your continued engagement with ICGA

Ultimately, you make the choice in the voting booth. Our job is to help you know which candidates are on your side as a corn farmer.

Your priorities as a corn farmer are the only criteria the Political Action Committee (PAC) uses to make its candidate endorsements. The PAC is widely recognized and respected for its non-partisan approach to achieving the policy objectives of Iowa corn growers by supporting lawmakers who work to implement ICGA member priorities.

Why does ICGA need a PAC?

Voluntary PAC contributions provide ICGA members another voice in the process, another chance to educate and influence policy decisions made at the state and federal level. 


Who can contribute to the PAC?

Voluntary contributions may be accepted from any U.S. citizen. However, solicitation for contributions is limited to ICGA members. Your participation is key to ensuring that agriculture’s side of the issue is heard.

Do my ICGA membership fees OR CHeckoff Dollars contribute to the Iowa Corn PAC?

No. ICGA membership fees and the PAC are separate and segregated funds. Furthermore, no checkoff dollars go to the PAC. PAC money is voluntarily contributed by ICGA members and must be specified by the member for the PAC. In fact, it is illegal for the ICGA “nonprofit organization” to contribute to the PAC or candidates directly.

How does THE PAC determine the distribution of funds?

Endorsements and political contribution decisions are non-partisan and based on the following:

  • Candidate voting records on ICGA policy priorities
  • Candidate responses to survey on prospective ICGA policy priorities
How is the PAC organized?

PAC decisions are made by a six-member committee appointed by the ICGA President. Iowa Corn PAC members must objectively evaluate candidates based on their support of ICGA policies, regardless of party affiliation. This process requires equal representation of registered Republicans and Democrats on the PAC. 

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