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Iowa Biofuels Access Bill Backgrounder

The Iowa Biofuels Access Bill will increase consumer choice at the pump by making E15 an option at many fuel stations across Iowa. The bill does not mandate drivers purchase any particular fuel blend and it does not limit retailer sale or consumer access to any fuel blend.

E15 Access – All Iowans deserve access to lower-cost, higher octane E15 (Unleaded 88)

  • Existing retailers with compatible infrastructure will offer E15 by 2026 from at least 1 dispenser
    • Also included are sites needing only minor upgrades that can be covered by an Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program (RFIP) grant


  • After January 1, 2023, newly opened fuel stations and those that install new tanks/fuel distribution systems will offer E15 from at least 50% of dispensers.
  • Sites with old tanks or incompatible equipment that would require costly upgrades are exempted. Every retailer will get either an RFIP grant or an exemption.
  • Based on a review of the DNR underground tank database, roughly half of Iowa fuel stations will fall under the E15 Access Standard with no exemption.
  • More choice, not less. E15, E10 and E0 should be readily available to most Iowans within a reasonable distance (although all three fuels may not be available at any specific retail location).

Renewable Fuels Infrastructure ProgramAll retailers are eligible for a grant to upgrade their stations to offer E15

  • RFIP funds are prioritized for stations that do not receive an E15 Access Standard exemption
  • Proposed budget calls for doubling funding for RFIP to $10 million per year

Ethanol Tax Credits

  • Extends the E15 tax credit and makes it year round
  • Tax credit will go to $0.09/gal all year (currently $0.03 Sept 16 -May & $0.10 June-September 15)

Biodiesel Tax Credits The bill also includes several reforms to biodiesel tax credits to boost access to B20 and to put more money in the Road Use Tax Fund.

Good for Consumers, Good for Iowa – according to a study by ABF Economics, if E15 becomes the “new normal” fuel (like E10 is today):

  • Iowa consumers will save 5-10 cents per gallon
  • Iowa household income will increase by $73 million annually
  • Almost 4,000 new jobs will be created throughout the Iowa economy
  • Iowa’s GDP will growth by $95.4 million
  • Energy independence from foreign oil sources

Good for Farmers, Good for Iowa

  • This bill will add an additional 60 million gallons of ethanol demand annually
  • Which will grind 20.7 million bushels of corn annually


NO retailer will be forced to shut down or make costly rebuilds i.e. break concrete

YES to increasing consumer choice at the pump

NO restrictions on sale of fuel including E0, E10, B0, B5, or B11

YES to putting more money into the Road Use Tax Fund

NO labeling requirements or regulations on how retailers sell fuel

YES to saving Iowan’s money and growing jobs in rural Iowa

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