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Flex-fuel Vehicles and the Fuel of the Future

Ethanol is not only safe for your vehicle, it provides higher octane for cleaner engines, better winterizing and increased overall performance. Higher performance fuels are cleaner burning and environmentally friendly, reducing harmful hydrocarbon and greenhouse gas emissions. 

For instance, using E15 (Unleaded 88) nationwide would reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by 54.5 million metric tons, the equivalent of removing 12 million vehicles from American roadways.

make healthy fuel choices

Growing corn for fuel makes Iowa’s corn growers part of a global clear air solution. In this video, Angela Tin, American Lung Association vice president of environmental health, explains the health and environmental benefits of choosing ethanol versus petroleum-based fuels.

Flex-fuel Vehicles (FFV)

Flex-fuel vehicles are designed to run on fuels from regular unleaded, super unleaded (10 percent ethanol) or any blend of ethanol up to 85 percent – hence the name “flexible fuel.” Higher blends of ethanol, such as E85, have higher octane.


E-85, which is made from 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, has been in the marketplace for over two decades. Since the introduction of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the number of E-85 stations has increased steadily. Iowa has more than 250 E85 stations with roughly half of those offering additional higher blends of ethanol. 



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