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Thinking about adding E15 and/or E85 at your station? Smart! By providing drivers with a homegrown, cleaner-burning fuel choices you’re helping your local economy and your environment.

Even better, there's cost share programs available for Iowa's fuel retailers and Iowa Corn can help! Take a minute to look at these assistance and promotions programs available to you, and if you’d like more insight and assistance with the grant programs, please contact us:

If interested, please contact Iowa Corn Retailer Outreach Coordinator Brian Kinney at e15foriowa@yahoo.com or 515-689-7965.

Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program Information

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program (RFIP), managed by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) is designed to assist Iowa fueling retailers in the conversion of their equipment to allow the expanded use of renewable fuels in Iowa. The program including E15 and E85, through cost-share grant incentives available exclusively to Iowa fuel retailers.

Reimbursements can be provided up to 50 percent of the costs for specific components of a project with a three-year commitment (to sell specified renewable fuels blends like E15 and E85). A five-year commitment to store and sell renewable fuels and install certain equipment can result in up to 70 percent reimbursement for specific equipment or installation costs. Heated biodiesel terminal equipment and/or infrastructure costs.

If interested, please contact Iowa Corn/IRFA Retailer Outreach Coordinator Brian Kinney at e15foriowa@yahoo.com or 515.689.7965.

For more information, visit the IDALS website or download a PDF of the program application


Iowa Renewable fuel Retail recovery program

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) is seeking applications for grants to assist retail operators of fueling stations that have suffered business interruptions or income losses due to COVID-19.  Applicants must show that funds awarded will be used for a renewable fuel project planned or begun between March 1 and December 30, 2020. Funds from the Program will be awarded to retail businesses that are dispensing, or have plans to dispense, ethanol blends of E15 or higher. Projects considered can include, but are not limited to, expenses incurred for the construction, installation, upgrade, and retrofit of equipment associated with the sale of renewable fuels. Replacement equipment must dispense a higher percentage blend of ethanol (for example from E10 to E15) than the existing equipment. Adding new equipment to an existing site is permissible. The program has a targeted assistance goal of making 40 percent of funds available for applicants owning 10 or fewer retail fueling dispensing sites (and owning at least one) and 60 percent of funds available for applicants owning more than 10 fuel sites.

If interested, please contact Iowa Corn/IRFA Retailer Outreach Coordinator Brian Kinney at e15foriowa@yahoo.com or 515.689.7965.

For more information, learn more from IDALS here or download a PDF of the program application. 


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