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Iowa Corn's Warm Welcomes From The Farm 

At Iowa Corn one of our priorities is sharing the Iowa farmers story with consumers. This publication does just that and more! The Iowa consumer comes in contact with corn in different forms daily, and usually not even realizing it. This magazine will bring light to some of those corn products and agriculture experiences. With over 4,000 products made from corn, some might think Iowa just grows corn, but the truth is corn grows Iowa!

May your bellies be full, and meal be corn fed this holiday season! Open the NEW “Warm Welcomes from the Farm a Commodity Christmas” online cookbook for Iowa food favorites using Iowa farm products from local farm families.


The first ever "Warm Welcomes From The Farm" magazine will highlight must stops on a road trip across the state, yummy recipes staring corn, allow you to hear from both Iowa State University and the University of Iowa athletes, give tips on how to save money at the fuel pump, and help you decorate your front door this fall using, you guessed it, CORN!  


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