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The foundation of Iowa Corn is built from the grassroots. Contact your local district field manager or elected board member to learn more about the Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) and the Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA), and how you can get involved at the county, district and state levels.

Crop Reporting District 7 covers southwest Iowa, including the following counties:

  • Adair
  • Adams
  • Cass
  • Fremont
  • Mills
  • Montgomery
  • Page
  • Pottawattamie
  • Taylor

2019 events near you!

Date Event
February  Cass County Cattlemen & Corn Growers Banquet
  Target Shooting Event in Massena
  Ringgold County Corn Growers Mixology Night in Mount Ayr
March Pottawattamie County Corn Growers Banquet in Council Bluffs
  District 7 Committee Meeting in Malvern
  Adair County Corn Growers Banquet in Greenfield
April Decatur County Ag Day in Leon
  Madison County Ag Day in Winterset
  Planting Season Visits
May Planting Season Visits
June Iowa Corn Roundtables
July County Fairs
  Best of the Southwest Iowa Shootout
  PAC Golf Tournament in Malvern
  Adair County Corn Growers Golf Tournament
August Iowa Corn Trailer Throughout the District
  Fremont-Page County Corn Growers Member Brunch and Golf Tournament
September Cass County Corn Growers Mixer in Wiota
  Iowa State Corn Husking Competition in Hastings
October Harvest Meals and Combine Rides


For more information on these events, contact the directors and district field manager below. 

Note: These events are tentative and additions can be made.

ICPB Director: Ralph Lents of Menlo (Adair County)

ICGA Director: Adam Bierbaum of Griswold (Cass County)

District Field Manager: Jenni Richards

Learn how to become a member of ICGA at

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