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Iowa Corn Opportunities, LLC

What we do

Iowa Corn Opportunities, LLC (ICO) is an equity fund established by Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) to: 

  • Make profitable, strategic, value-added investments that will benefit Iowa's corn grower members
  • Facilitate new business development opportunities for Iowa's corn growers
  • Leverage investments to facilitate and coordinate further investment by individual corn growers

Iowa Corn Opportunities is a limited liability company solely owned by the ICGA and directed by an seven-member board of managers. 

our mission

Iowa Corn Opportunities strives to: 

  • Assist new and growing companies in developing strategies for growth and profitability
  • Leverage investment opportunities to create profit opportunities for corn growers
  • Generate a profitable return on investment
  • Support companies developing new products, services and markets for corn growers that will positively impact their operations

With corn production expanding rapidly, there are opportunities increasing to develop new products from corn, there are a myraid of new business opportunities that can be developed to take advantage of the changing dynamics of the corn industry. 

our vision

Iowa Corn Opportunities believes in a strong agricultural economy where farmers and rural communities gain increasing benefits and profits while investing in new value-added agricultural business opportunities. ICO will aggressively pursue next generation opportunities that will deliver benefits to corn growers. 

Investment strategy

ICO is focused on investment opportunities that will add value to the corn industry in Iowa and beyond. ICO networks with other established equity funds and sources of capital to jointly evaluate and invest in value-added agricultural business opportunities. ICO also networks with companies and sources of capital outside Iowa to encourage more investment in the corn industry and in Iowa specifically.

contact us

For more information or questions, please contact Brian Jones at (515) 225-9242. 

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