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Iowa Corn Growers Association Staff

ICGA Staff

Craig Floss

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Textor

Director of Marketing and Communications

TJ Page

Market Development Manager

Natalie Te Grootenhuis

Communications Outreach Manager

Emma Wilson

Publications Manager

Mindy Larsen-Poldberg

Director of Government Relations

Kevin Studer

Federal Policy Advisor

Elizabeth Burns-Thompson

Regulatory Affairs Counsel

Jim Gumpert

Director of Grower Services

Lowell Appleton

District 1 Field Manager

Joni Erwin

District 2 Field Manager

John Finley

District 3 Field Manager

Janelle Kracht

District 4 Field Manager

Carrie Dodds

District 5 Field Manager

Danielle Balvin

District 6 Field Manager

Jenni Richards

District 7 Field Manager

Alyssa Preston

District 9 Field Manager

Rod Williamson

Director of Research and Development

David Ertl

Technology Commercialization Manager

Ben Gleason

Sustainable Program Manager

Alex Buck

Industrial Innovation Manager

Julie Kirby

Director of Finance and Business Operations

Sarah Kirk

Financial Manager

Lynnette Rohrs

Administrative Coordinator

Michele Poe

Administrative Assistant

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