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Iowa Corn Growers Association
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Iowa Corn Growers Association Staff

ICGA Staff

Craig Floss

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Denise Forney

Vice President of Talent and Organizational Development

Chris Bengtson

Manager of Economic Analysis & Investments

Shannon Textor

Vice President of Communications

Amanda Fortman

Publications Manager

Rachel Zumbach

Public Relations Manager

Ryan Sauer

Vice President of Market Development

Becca Ahrendsen

Market Development Manager

Mindy Larsen-Poldberg

Vice President of Government Relations

Kevin Studer

Director of Federal Policy

Kevin J Studer, Attorney and Federal Policy Advisor has been involved with agriculture policy for over 20 years serving in many roles in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill and the United States Department of Agriculture. He currently resides in West Des Moines and enjoys spending time with his wife and...

Emily Callison

Government Relations Manager

Carrie Dodds

Vice President of Grower Services

Shelton Hoefling

District 1 Field Manager

Vanessa Trampel

District 2 Field Manager

Nolan Lyness

District 3 Field Manager

Janelle Kracht

District 4 Field Manager

Janelle Kracht, District 4 Field Manager, covers West Central Iowa where she enjoys working with county and district board members, planning and implementing several county events and activities all while advocating for agriculture. She also enjoys working with consumers and sharing the farmers story. Janelle has been with Iowa Corn...

John Stoakes

District 5 Field Manager

Megan Cady

District 6 Field Manager

Kristen Akers

District 7 Field Manager

Alyssa Preston

District 8 Field Manager

Victoria Armstrong

District 9 Field Manager

Victoria is a 4th generation agriculturalist who takes part in her family’s century farm operation, where they raise purebred Black Angus cattle and grow corn and soybeans. Originally from Iowa Falls, Iowa, Victoria graduated from Ellsworth Community College in 2017 with a Associate of Science degree. She then transferred to...

Rod Williamson

Vice President of Research & Sustainability

David Ertl

Director of Production Technology

David Ertl, Technology Commercialization Manager, manages research programs related to profitable corn production technologies such as the Genomes To Fields Initiative. David is a native of Connecticut and received his Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from the University of Connecticut. He then attended Iowa State University where he obtained a Masters...

Alex Buck

Director of Industrial Innovation

Alex Buck, PhD is the Industrial Innovation Manager directing and coordinating the new uses research portfolio of Iowa Corn. In addition to being a technical lead, Alex also manages the patent strategy and licensing strategy for converting corn to value-added projects. Alex grew up outside of agriculture in Cedar Rapids....

Greg Wandrey

Director of Sustainability

Julie Kirby

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Sarah Harris

Financial Manager

Valerie Sanchez

Accounting Analyst

Lynnette Rohrs

Administrative Services Manager

Michele Poe

Administrative Assistant

Donna Lemon

Administrative Assistant

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