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Apply Online Here by October 5, 2020.  

Why apply for the Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team? 

The future of Iowa Corn depends on the organization’s ability to offer relevant programming, advocacy and services to new stakeholders entering Iowa’s agricultural sector who will be potential supporters and leaders of Iowa Corn.  These stakeholders include students who are pursuing careers in Iowa’s agriculture industry, and we want your help! Join the Collegiate Advisory Team to meet college students from all over Iowa, participate in training and learn more about Iowa’s corn industry.  


Who can apply? 

Any post-secondary student who has completed high school and is attending an Iowa college or university to pursue a career in agriculture.  

Up to 20 students are selected. Getting representation from all Iowa universities and colleges is a priority. Typically, one (sometimes 2) student is selected from each school. Iowa State can be represented by up to six students. We encourage students to apply again if they did not get in their first year applying.  

2020-2021 Schedule 

  • Session 1: November 5-6, 2020 – Iowa Falls Area   

  • Session 2: February 11-12, 2021 – Des Moines, IA  

  • Session 3: March 10, 2021 – Iowa Corn Day at the Capitol, Des Moines  

  • Iowa Corn Grassroots Summit – Aug. 30-31 (optional. All college students and Iowa Corn members are invited)  

CAT members will be encouraged to get involved locally and participate in local, district and other state activities and events as they have time.  


Meals, lodging, and other expenses will be paid for by Iowa Corn, that includes a $50 ethanol gift card for events to cover gas. Students who attend all sessions will be eligible to receive a $200 scholarship in August of 2021. CAT Members must pay the $20 membership fee to become an Iowa Corn student member.  


What is the Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team? 

The Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team assists the Iowa Corn Growers Association® (ICGA) and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board ® (ICPB) in developing programs that target and enhance Iowa Corn’s relationship with those individuals who are pursuing careers in agricultural production and allied industries. This Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team is in its eleventh year.   


Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team members must: 

  • Sign a form agreeing to attend three sessions during the year, as well as other Iowa Corn activities as determined by staff and the Team (and as student schedules permit). 

  • Be available via email and by phone during the year for team discussions. 

  • Prepare as needed for team sessions. 

  • Be willing to consider new ideas and experiences. 


How are we handling the pandemic?  

Health and safety are our number one priority. Iowa Corn Leadership is deeply involved in decisions related to hosting meetings in-person or virtually. We commit to the following to ensure everyone’s safety.  

  • All students will have their own hotel room. No one will be sharing.  

  • If anyone has traveled out of the state in the previous two weeks leading up to the event, we ask that they not attend (students and staff)  

  • We are selecting larger venues to space everyone out appropriately  

  • Masks will be worn when close to others inside. We will adapt and follow CDC guidelines as they change.   

  • As of now, we are planning for in-person meetings. We ask for your flexibility if we need to change to virtual for safety reasons.   

  • All participants will sign a COVID Waiver stating they will abide by our guidelines  


Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team Objectives: 

  • To engage with collegiate members of Iowa Corn and create a presence on Iowa College Campuses.  

  • Increase awareness and appreciation for the role and impact of Iowa Corn and the agriculture industry in terms of local, national, and global economic impacts.  

  • Select and develop appropriate program components for ongoing student programs. 

  • Distribute funding among various student organizations using criteria developed by the Team. 

  • Assist with the development of Iowa Corn student and youth outreach programs. 

  • Create and develop future leaders for Iowa Corn and the Agriculture industry.

For More Information, Contact:

Lindsay Calvert
Leadership Development Manager, Iowa Corn
5505 NW 88th Street, Johnston, IA  50131
(515) 225-9242  |

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