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A board of 12 peer-elected farmers and four ex officio members who direct funds collected through the one cent Iowa corn checkoff program.


ICPB represents thousands of Iowa farmers to create an economic climate in which the Iowa corn industry will be successful through research, market development and education.


  • Expand markets and promote corn in all forms
  • License technology for value-added products through research
  • Educate consumers, farmers and key decision makers
  • Protect and improve the crop land, water and natural resources



Where does each penny of your corn checkoff in Iowa go?


Individual farmers benefit by collaborating with other farmers and investing in commodity checkoff programs to expand demand for their products. Your 1 cent per bushel combines with other corn grower pennies in Iowa to drive market development to expand domestic use and increase export demand for corn in all forms. 40% of each penny of your corn checkoff is used to defend current markets and search for new markets.

For every dollar invested in international market development programs such as the U.S Grains Council or the U.S. Meat Export Federation, Iowa corn farmers see a 6:1 return on their investment. These partners work around the world to build markets, improve lives and enable trade for corn, DDGS, ethanol and cornfed meat products.

The Iowa Corn Promotion Board invested in a new feed mill project at Iowa State University to better train future millers about inclusion of corn, DDGS and other corn products.



Less than one percent of the U.S. population are farmers and many consumers want to know how their foods are grown. Education efforts use 30% of each penny of your corn checkoff to raise awareness of corn, farmers and Iowa agriculture.

The Iowa Corn Promotion Board invested in a Iowa Corn mobile education center to showcase Iowa corn farmers, corn uses and farming practices. More than 10,000 people have enjoyed and learned about corn and the farmers that grow it in the trailer just this year.

The Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series is a great partnership to share the face of Iowa corn farmers and educate fans on the topics from the farm. Iowa Corn is part of each radio broadcast, part of both team’s social media platforms and share messages in stadiums or on the courts.



The Iowa Corn Promotion Board invests in research to find new uses and improve farming practices. 20% of each penny of your corn checkoff is used to develop new and improved products made from corn and increase your efficiency on your farm.

Iowa Corn Promotion Board is researching new uses, such as bioplastics or MEG (monoethylene glycol) to replace petroleum products in plastics with corn. Researching new uses for the growing pile of corn to improve corn farmer profitability is a key investment of the ICPB.

Iowa Corn is proud to support a number of environmental initiatives with diverse partners to help improve Iowa’s land and water. A few examples include: Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy uses a science and technology based framework to assess and reduce nutrients in Iowa waters by encouraging growers to adopt best management practices as well as the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance working to accelerate the pace of quantifiable water quality initiatives by increasing farmer awareness and adoption of science based practices. To learn more about Iowa Corn environmental programs, sign up to be a Stewardship Advocate at



The Iowa Corn Promotion Board invests 10% of each penny of your checkoff into administrative expenses that covers the cost of overhead for board, staff, a number of meetings throughout the year, ability to communicate between offices, committee and board expenses and running the overall organization of Iowa Corn Promotion Board.

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