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2020 October Stewardship Advocate

Posted on October 26, 2020 at 10:18 AM by Iowa Corn


Harvest has progressed quickly in most parts of Iowa creating opportunities to evaluate tillage, nutrient management, and cover crop options. Roger and Wesley Zylstra have been doing that for several years on their Jasper county farm while conducting strip trials with the Soil Health Partnership. By making incremental changes to their cover crops and nutrient management practices, they have improved nutrient use efficiency, higher microbial activity which increases residue turnover, and improved soil structure which reduces compaction. Click here for their business case

Here is the latest conservation news for this fall:

  • Funding is available to construct or rebuild windbreaks damaged by the derecho in 27 counties. Click here for information from IDALS and DNR.

  • Check out this infographic from ISU Extension regarding cover crops and fall grazing.

  • Register by November 13 for this year’s cover crop boot camp and receive a free goodie box including a nitrate test kit from Iowa Corn. Last year, over 100 farmers attended the in-person cover crop boot camp to learn the latest about cover crops. This year the event is virtual and will discuss how cover crops can improve soil health, weed suppression, and grazing. Click here for more information. You can attend any or all the presentations and discussions via phone or Zoom.

  • No-Till November is right around the corner. University of Nebraska research showed long term no till soil had water infiltration rates of 4 inches per hour compared to 0.4 inches per hour for tilled soil. Click here for more information.

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Upcoming Events

October 28 Conservation Decision-Making, Webinar

October 28 Cover Crops, Webinar

November 4 Cover Crop Field Day, Lorimor

November 4 Water Quality, Webinar

November 5 Impacts of Cover Crops, Tillage and N-Inhibitors, Virtual

November 10 Southfork Watershed Meeting, Iowa Falls

November 11 Soil Health, Webinar

November 18 Flood Mitigation, Webinar

November 18 Water Management, Webinar

November 18-19 Sustainable Ag Summit, Virtual

November 24 Cover Crops & Strip Till, Virtual

December 3-4 Cover Crop Boot Camp, Virtual

December 1 – February 4 CropsTV, Virtual

Farmer to Farmer 

Let’s Talk the Power of Nature

Dubuque County farmer Eric Miller discusses the benefits of cover crops while hosting the Rural + Urban Partnership Field Day at his farm.

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