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2020 July Stewardship Advocate

Posted on July 21, 2020 at 9:28 AM by Iowa Corn


Summer is flying by!  July 1 marked a new fiscal year for the State of Iowa which means new cost share funding is available for conservation practices.  The state’s Water Quality Initiative is accepting cost share applications for cover crops, no till, strip till, and nitrification inhibitors.  Click here for more information.  Other state and federal programs are also available for these and additional conservation practices.

The Conservation Reserve Program may be a good option to retire those difficult wet spots or other less productive areas of the field.  Two sign ups are currently open:

To apply for these programs, call your local soil and water conservation district office to make an appointment.  Offices are slowly opening back up to normal business but please call ahead.

Finally, the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy’s annual report was released showing increases in conservation practice adoption resulting in significant reductions in phosphorus loss.  However, we still have much work to do on the nitrogen side.  Click here for more information.

Latest Information

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Upcoming Events

July 22 Cover Crop Boot Camp, Webinar

July 23 Cover Crop Mixes, Webinar

July 23 Middle Cedar Watershed Meeting, Cedar Falls

July 24 North Raccoon Watershed Meeting, Storm Lake

July 28 Soil Sessions, Webinar

July 28 Oxbow Restorations, Webinar

July 28-30 Missouri River Meetings, Webinars

July 29 Prairie Strips, Webinar

July 30-31 Soil Health Institute Annual Meeting, Webinar

July 31 Prairie Strips on Rented Ground, Webinar

August 5 Oxbow Wetlands, Webinar

August 6 Agribusiness Summer Workshop, Boone

August 6 Wetland Opportunities, Webinar

August 6-8 National Strip Tillage Conference, Omaha

August 13 4R Stewardship Field Day, Nevada

August 18 Risks to Bees, Webinar

August 20 Soil Health Field Day, Traer

August 20 English River Watershed Meeting, North English

Farmer to Farmer video

Farmer to Farmer:  Let’s Talk About Change

Lance Lillibridge of Benton County talks about making changes to the farm to include conservation practices like strip till to save time, improve the soil, and make his land worth more. “It’s like putting money in the bank.”

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