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Posted on October 23, 2018 at 9:52 AM by Iowa Corn



Happy Harvest!

Thankfully, the rains have relented, and fields are drying out. I won’t even bother showing any depressing rainfall totals. But I have gotten some questions about planting cover crops and cost share program deadlines. Those who were lucky enough to have already planted their cover crops are seeing good growth due to the wet weather. For those who have not planted cover crops yet this season, here are a couple of considerations:

  • Sign up is now open for farmers using cover crops to receive a $5 per acre premium reduction on next year’s crop insurance. There is no acreage limit, but those already receiving state or federal cost share are not eligible for acres covered by cost share. Any additional acres would be eligible. Sign up is online at www.cleanwateriowa.org/covercropdemo and the deadline is January 15, 2019.

  • Due to the wet weather, seeding deadlines for cost share programs have been extended by two weeks. An additional extension may be granted if temperatures are above normal to allow for germination. If you can’t meet the deadline, you can work with your soil and water conservation district office to modify your contract. Click here for more information. The revised cover crop seeding dates for winter hardy cover crops like cereal rye are:


  • Zone 1 Northern Iowa – November 5

  • Zone 2 Central Iowa – November 12

  • Zone 3 Southern Iowa – November 19






Finally, be sure to save the date for the 2019 Soil Health Summit on January 15-16 in St Louis. For the first time the summit will be open to anyone so expect hundreds of farmers and crop advisers to attend. You’ll get the latest soil health strategies, data insights, and business impacts! Click here for more information.


Stay safe during this busy time of year!


P.S. If pheasants are ravaging your crops, call Mickie.  She’s a pheasant hunting machine.

Farmer to Farmer: The importance of data

Kellie Blair of Webster County discusses using data and technology to conserve natural resources to leave a lasting legacy.

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 26: North Raccoon Watershed Meeting, Lake City

oct. 28: Conservation Tour, Waterloo

nov. 7: cover crop field day, west burlington

nov. 8: middle cedar watershed meeting, grundy center

Nov. 8: upper iowa watershed meeting, decorah

Nov. 13: Cover Crop Forum, Iowa Falls

nov. 13: cover crop field day, waterloo

nov. 14: cover crop field day, laurens

nov. 14: ephemeral gully erosion, webinar

nov. 15: cover crop field day, huxley

Nov. 14-15: Sustainable Ag Summit, Denver, CO 

Nov. 15: English River Watershed Meeting, North English

nov. 20: cover crop field day, ottumwa

nov. 26-27: forage and grasslands conference, des moines

nov. 27: cover crop field day, algona 

nov. 28: cover crop field day, hillsboro

Nov. 28-29: Integrated Crop Management Conference, Ames

nov. 29: Cover crop field day, Luana

dec. 11: ag chemical dealer update, iowa city

dec. 12: ag chemical dealer update, ames 

jan 15-16: soil health summit, st. Louis

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