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Posted on October 26, 2016 at 8:00 AM by Iowa Corn

Monthly Update From Ben Gleason, Iowa Corn Sustainable Programs manager


We hope your harvest is going well. As we mentioned last month, Farm Progress Show brought about a few big announcements about some great opportunities. Last month we discussed the Conservation Infrastructure Plan and this month we want to provide information about the Midwest Row Crop Collaborative:


  • It is made up of a diverse group of food companies, conservation groups and ag businesses with the goal of expanding solutions to air, water and soil quality while producing enough food to feed a growing global population.

  • The groups will pilot their efforts in Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa.

  • The Collaborative is supporting the Soil Health Partnership's (SHP) leadership in helping farmers adopt practices that protect natural resources while potentially increasing profits. 

  • New funding for the SHP provided by the Collaborative will help the Partnership expand to 100 farms two years earlier than planned.

Rapid expansion of SHP farm sites is a great opportunity for any farmer interested in evaluating the economic and environmental benefits of soil health practices like cover crops and reduced tillage. If you’re interested in participating in the SHP, click here

As harvest continues, the window for seeding cover crops is closing with winter hardy species like cereal rye and winter wheat as the best options. Let those cover crops grow roots to fix up compaction and muddy areas from this wet harvest. In addition, November is a good time to attend a field day to see cover crop establishment. See the upcoming events below for more information.


LET'S TALK WATER QUALITY and Doing your part

Iowa farmers Dean Meyer, Annette Sweeney and Chris Edgington discuss why they believe that water quality should be a priority for everyone and talk about the conservation practices they have in place on their farms to help ensure that they are being the best possible stewards of the land.




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