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Posted on June 17, 2016 at 8:00 AM by Iowa Corn

It's field day season, and Iowa Corn Sustainable Programs Manager, Ben Gleason, tells you how to find one near you and provides you with the latest news and updates on water quality in the state. He also covers regulatory topics, like atrazine risk assessment, as well as information on conservation programs. Check out the farmer to farmer video below where Northeast Iowa farmer, Mark Mueller, explains the importance of Soil Health Partnership field days and what you will gain from attending one this summer.


What is the purpose of Soil Health Partnership field days?

Connecting with consumers: Telling your story

Tip 1: Talk first about shared values

It’s easy to want to use scientific and/or economic evidence when addressing the water quality issues in the state. However, it’s better to lead with shared values and back those up with the science and economics. According to the Center for Food Integrity, when looking to build consumer trust, shared values are 3-5 times more important than sharing facts or demonstrating technical skills or expertise. So, instead of saying “research shows that planting rye as a cover crop results in…” you could say, “we care about the water we share and that is why many Iowa farmers are choosing to plant cover crops.”

a good message to share: iowa corn farmers care about the water we share

It’s important to let consumers know that farmers are just like them. They care about the water because their families drink it, too. Relating to consumers can be key when it comes to how they will portray you as a farmer. Equally important is sharing your own personal story about what you are doing on your farm. 

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