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2017 Crop Fairs

Success is important to any industry, but what does success look like for agriculture? Or for your farming operation? Iowa Corn is committed to creating opportunities for long-term corn grower profitability, and that is why we would love for you to join us and industry experts at a 2017-2018 crop fair. Come and learn more about Growing Success on your Farming Operation at one of the regionally held fairs across the state.

2017-2018 crop fair schedule 

Date City Location Time Agenda/Learn More Contact Information
12/5/17 Thompson Branding Iron 9:00AM-1:30PM Click Here

Jessi Skoglund

1/5/18 Burlington Comfort Inn & Suites 8:30AM- 4:00PM Click Here Alyssa Preston
1/15/18 Tama Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel 8:00AM-1:30PM Click Here Carrie Dodds
1/16/18 Missouri Valley Rand Center 8:30AM-Noon Click Here Janelle Kracht
2/8/18 Oakland Community Center  11:30AM-2PM Click Here Jenni Richards
2/9/18 Creston Supertel Inn 11:30AM-2PM Click Here Jenni Richards
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