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It is important farmers stay connected with consumers during the COVID - 19 pandemic. Need help telling your farm story on social media? We encourage you to copy and paste any message below that resonates with you.  You have to opportunity to share your story and we want you to have the confidence to do so. Remember, Iowa agriculture industries are #StrongerTogether!  

U.S. Grains Council:

1. The U.S. produces enough food for 2 billion people, far more than our population of 330 million. As farmers, we want access to open markets so we have the opportunity to feed other countries and keep Iowa’s economy strong. #StrongerTogether 

2. With #plant20 in progress, the future is concerning for @iowa_corn farmers. When politics or global pandemic forces beyond farmers’ control put their business at risk, the government must consider initiatives to keep family farmers on the farm. #StrongerTogether 

3. @Iowa_corn farmers continuously engage w/ our trade partners to maintain and build our international relationships for long-term profitability for our family farms. Countries rely on us to feed their people. #StrongerTogether 

4. Trade policy has a serious impact on me as an @iowa_corn farmer. The success of my operation depends on expanding global markets. I am working hard to finish #plant20 & begin regaining momentum for our IA economy. #StrongerTogether 

5. The @iowa_corn Promotion Board’s investment in @USGC & @USMEF has increased demand for U.S. corn in all forms around the world while benefiting the long-term profitability of Iowa farmers. #StrongerTogether 

6. @iowa_corn Promotion Board invests to support international market development programs for @USGC & @USMEF. The goal is global markets for corn in all forms. #StrongerTogether   


1. The demand for corn-fed beef continues to be strong! More families are eating beef at home, and there are challenges in the supply chain due to COVID-19. Thank you @iacattlemen for all you do to provide beef for our families. #StrongerTogether

  2. Support Iowa farmers by enjoying corn-fed beef at home. There are many ways to incorporate beef into your meals! Go to iabeef.org for cooking ideas for your home. #StrongerTogether 

3. The economic consequences for @IAcattlemen are especially grave right now. Decisions to close packing plants impair the larger agricultural economic community. Feed is a top use for @Iowa_Corn & that’s why we stand with @IACattlemen during this challenging time. #StrongerTogether   


1. Iowa is the #1 pork producer in the U.S. There is no #pork shortage in IA, but there is a shortage of packing plant workers. The health and safety of the people in the supply chain is important. Continue to support farmers and enjoy corn-fed @IowaPork. #StrongerTogether 

2. Support Iowa farmers by enjoying corn-fed pork at home. Logistics are a challenge, but farmers need your support. Go to iowapork.org for recipes for your dinner plate. #StrongerTogether   

3. Like hospitals, law enforcement, & grocery stores, meat plants are part of the nation’s critical infrastructure & must remain operating to feed the nation. Iowa being the number one pork producing state, it is imperative we support the industry & continue buying pork products. 

4. The emotional & economic consequences for pork farmers are especially grave right now. Meat & poultry plants are located in rural communities across Iowa. With @IowaPork being a top customer of corn in the state, we as corn producers also feel the heavy impact. #StrongerTogether 

5. The Iowa Pork Producers have teamed up with the Iowa Department of Agriculture to help #PassThePork. Iowa pig farmers are donating surplus pigs to local meat processors who then donate the pork to the Iowa Food Bank. You can help in the effort by visiting ​https://donorbox.org/passthepork​ to donate. #StrongerTogether 


1. The Iowa agricultural economy relies on ethanol plants just like American families rely on the clean burning fuel at the gas pump. Support homegrown fuels, fuel up with E15 in your 2001 or newer vehicle #StrongerTogether 

2. It is imperative that we keep our ethanol plants open and running as Iowa gears up to reopen in the coming weeks. Farmers are looking for markets to sell corn as they plant their 2020 crop and having options to different selling markets is crucial. #StrongerTogether 

3. Iowa ethanol plants have converted to producing ingredients for hand sanitizer as the world goes through a global pandemic. An amazing effort by ethanol plants to show that Iowans are #StrongerTogether!   

U.S. Meat Export Federation: 

1. More than 95% of the world’s population lives outside of the U.S., so exports are an important part of our bottom line as farmers. That’s why Iowa Corn invests in the The U.S. Meat Export Federation where we leverage the pork and beef industry to promote red meat around the world. Iowa Corn farmers are #StrongerTogether because countries around the world rely on us to feed their people. 

2. Trade is a key issue that ICGA works on with success on the Japan trade deal to lower tariffs on ag goods as well as the US Mexico Canada trade deal. A key ICGA priority is to expand new and protect existing bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. That’s why we partner with the U.S. Meat Export Federation to promote Iowa corn farmers efforts and products. #StrongerTogether 

3. A key priority of ICGA is to protect and expand funding for the Market Access program and Foreign Market Development Program during the duration of the Farm Bill. The MAP and FMD programs support our partners the US Grains Council and the US Meat Export Federation to build demand for corn in all forms around the world. Trade is crucial to the agricultural economy in Iowa and we must support all efforts to continue trading globally to build demand for Iowa Corn farmers. #StrongerTogether  

Posts Shared Through Iowa Corn: 

1. If there is anything Iowans are great at, it's knowing how to support each other. Times are tough, but farmers are tougher. We've seen them endure weather, markets, regulations, and so much more. Through all of this, Iowa Corn has stayed true to their grassroots with the dedication to help every farmer. #StrongerTogether is a representation of the agricultural community across the nation which comes together through the best of times and the worst of times! Follow along on our mission to be ​#StrongerTogether​ with 10 Helpful Resources for Farmers: https://www.cfra.org/ne…/180130/10-helpful-resources-farmers   

2. Today is filled with uncertainty. We will get through this together, so the next generation can feed and fuel the world! ​#StrongerTogether​ #Plant202   

3. At Iowa Corn, our top priority is our people’s health and safety. The Iowa Corn team continues to advocate on your behalf during this time of uncertainty. Along with the National Corn Growers Association, we have commissioned an economic analysis of implications for corn farmers and are assembling a Task Force to develop recommendations on recovery efforts and facilitate coordination along the value chain. In a time of great uncertainty and a struggle, please remember no farmer is alone. Resources are available for anyone personally struggling with this situation. You can find those resources by visiting: https://www.iowacorn.org/covid19?fbclid=IwAR3M7igKt_NrTc4VT_M7YBJI6IDPGKv PQyFDn2vWgsWpq0fcB70FUgdCOGM​. ​#StrongerTogether   

4. When times are tough, every generation needs to pull together. Right now, family farms are working together to plant this year’s crop and while caring for the land and water that will sustain generations to come. ​#StrongerTogether   

5. Agriculture is an essential service contributing to feeding you, clothing you, & transporting you. While maintaining a safe distance, our farmers are still working in their shops, their fields, & their barns to keep the store shelves stocked & your families fed.  Thank you to all those who are working on the frontline of this pandemic.  #StrongerTogether   

6. #StrongerTogether​ means working together. Our industry is united in providing for consumers worldwide. They depend on us for their food, fuel, and fiber. Iowa farmers are known for providing safe food for your family whether that be corn, pork, chicken, milk, eggs, beef, turkey, or soybeans! The options are endless. No one sector is stronger without another, and we all rely on each other to meet consumer demands. Now more than ever do we need to stand together as an industry for those consumers who look up to us every day.  Most importantly, reach out to your neighbors, your hired hands, and your friends. Make sure they are alright in this time of uncertainty. Visit https://www.iowacorn.org/covid-19-2/​ for insight on managing your farm through this pandemic.  
7. The U.S. Meat Export Federation​ recently shared that even through all things COVID-19, the United States reached the third largest month on record of Pork and Beef Exports in February. https://www.usmef.org/news-statistics/press-releases/despite-global-challenges-u-spork-and-beef-exports-on-record-pace-through-february-2/?fbclid=IwAR0nTy03ARA EGgx8wgyUGREpZQq-8VY4boSY4G9W-7k1sE7EEqBNpb6T67k #StrongerTogether  
8. Iowa corn farmers are known for working around the clock to produce a high quality product to feed livestock, fuel vehicles, and export globally.  Did you know that the poultry in Iowa consume about 57 million bushels of corn in a year? Showing strength and unity within our industry is vital!  A great way to support the ​Iowa Turkey Federation​ during this time is by planning a virtual meeting with your coworkers and ordering in some delicious turkey sandwich from Jimmy Johns or Subway! ​#StrongerTogether  
9. The demand for corn-fed beef continues to be strong! More families are eating beef while at home, and there are current challenges in the supply chain due to COVID-19. Thank you ​Iowa Cattlemen's Association​ for all you do to provide beef for our families. ​#StrongerTogether  
10. Iowa State Extension is offering multiple “Question. Persuade. Refer.” classes to educate farmers & their peers on how to recognize warning signs of a suicide crisis.  The trainings will be offered online!  Check-in on your neighbors during this time. ​#StrongerTogether  https://www.extension.iastate.edu/humansciences/QPR  
11. Iowa is the #1 pork producer in the U.S. There is no ​#pork​ shortage in IA, but there is a shortage of packing plant workers. The health & safety of the people in the supply chain is important. Continue to support @iowapork farmers & enjoy corn-fed pork. #StrongerTogether  
12. The ​Iowa Poultry Association​ relies on corn farmers just as much as Iowa corn farmers rely on poultry producers. Be sure to support our Iowa farmers during this time by purchasing eggs and chicken during your next trip to the grocery store! #StrongerTogether  
13. Corn grows cows ➡ cows make milk ➡ milk makes ice cream ➡ ice cream makes us happy!  We are so excited to see the weather warm up and our farmers planting in the field! Don't forget to stop by the dairy section on your next trip to the grocery store. Stock up on all things cheese, yogurt, milk, and of course ICE CREAM! 🍦  Feeding distillers grains is a good energy & protein source that livestock producers include in feed rations. ​#StrongerTogether

Things to note: 

1. Share your personal stories. We need to personalize agriculture and share your stories from your farmer perspective.   

2. Add photos and videos to your post! An image to connect with the story helps your readers relate. 

3. Add interactive options! Ask your followers how they are doing and invite them to join in on your conversation.  

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