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Check-in on the Checkoff May Column

Posted on May 23, 2023 at 1:00 PM by Iowa Corn

Livestock is one of the top consumers of Iowa corn and dry distillers grain solubles (DDGS), nearly 320 million bushels of corn each year. As an Iowa corn farmer, I see value in a thriving ag industry in Iowa knowing that when we support each other we are better. One of the best ways we can create a larger economic impact for Iowa farmers is by supporting the export market for red meat on the world’s table through partnerships like the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF).

With 95% of the world's population living outside the U.S., there is great opportunity to grow our export markets. That's why ICPB finds it valuable to invest in USMEF for a return on investment for both corn farmers and livestock producers. Making it our greatest opportunity for growth in the export market. Here are the numbers:

  • U.S. beef & pork exports contributed $202 per Iowa corn acre.
  • Beef export value equated to $477.58 per head of cattle slaughtered.
  • Pork export value equated to $61.26 per head slaughtered.

Because of the strong relationship between Iowa corn farmers and the livestock industry, it makes sense that the Iowa Corn Promotion Board invests in organizations, such as USMEF, to promote their success as well as ours.

For more information visit iowacorn.org.

Thank you,

Larry Buss

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