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By Iowa Corn Promotion Board President Larry Buss 

Larry Buss is a farmer from Logan, Iowa, and currently serves as the Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) President and on the Export & Grain Trade Committee. 

We as farmers want profitable farming operations and one way to help ensure that is by investing in the Iowa Corn Checkoff.  The investment is small; however, the payback is large. When all Iowa corn farmers contribute to the checkoff to promote corn and corn products, we all get a larger return on our investment.  

You might ask, who delegates where that money goes. ICPB is a unique board of 12 peer-elected farmers from across our state making decisions on behalf of us as growers. The board represents the thousands of Iowa corn farmers to create an economic climate in which the Iowa corn industry will be successful through research, market development and education. 

The primary focus of the ICPB includes: 

  • Expand markets for corn both nationally and internationally 

  • Conduct research to develop new uses for corn and create profitability 

  • Provide education and information for the success of corn farmers 

As a farmer, I fully realize that all the above are very important to the price that I receive for my corn and the ultimate success of my farm and family. I also know that I as an individual do not have the resources nor the contacts to make the biggest impact in those areas. That is why a collective investment via the Iowa Corn Checkoff by ALL corn farmers maximizes the holistic benefits of those objectives.   

Throughout my year of service as the ICPB President, my goal is to share the added value the Iowa Corn Checkoff gives us as corn growers when it comes to our farm’s ROI. Each month, I will share various programs and updates on behalf of the ICPB. For more information visit  

Thank you, 

Larry Buss 

Posted on May 23, 2023 at 1:00 PM by Iowa Corn

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