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Roots Special: Double Your Impact with a Couple's Membership

Posted on September 12, 2018 at 5:00 PM by Iowa Corn


Strength is everything, especially in numbers. Each and every day you must be mentally, physically, and emotionally strong to reach your farm’s goals and commitments. However, you know as an Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) member you’re not alone in striving to reach your full potential. We think of all our members as a close-knit family and work hard to make sure that your voices are heard in Congress and the State Capital.


“By joining with nearly 8,000 other corn growers, a membership gives you the strength in numbers to shape decisions at the state and federal level that affect your farm,” said Jim Gumpert, Iowa Corn’s Director of Grower Services. “As we make our way to 10,000 members by 2020 we will continue to ensure opportunities for a profitable future, but it takes each and every corn grower to do so.”


Just as we are stronger together, Iowa Corn recognizes the strength of Iowa corn grower couples. In celebration of Iowa Corn’s 50th Anniversary in 2017, we launched a new special membership specifically for farm couples working alongside each other to feed and fuel our world. The special price for couples joining as three-year members is $200 or $100 per person for three years! This is a steal compared to our $60 single yearly membership.


For Cass County farmers Michelle and Curt Behrends, the couple’s membership provided the longtime corn farmers an opportunity to double their voice as a member. When the couple started purchasing farms together, it became a joint responsibility to become an Iowa Corn member with double the voice.


“Knowing Iowa Corn represents us as corn growers and agriculturalist, I know they are there for my best interests,” Michelle said. “As farmers don’t have the time to go lobby and talk to our legislators and I think that’s one thing we as corn growers take for granted that Iowa Corn is able to do for us. From allowing our semis to get on the road with heavier weights during harvest, keeping water quality clean, to promoting ethanol the Iowa corn membership does it all for us.”


Part of why the Behrends became members were to learn how to become advocates for their industry and do their part to grow Iowa Corn membership. Michelle believes her membership has empowered women to become involved in the farming operation and emphasized the importance of their grower memberships.


“I think in today’s world, women are starting to see their voices heard,” Michelle said. “There are so many women in agriculture that are starting to speak up because they understand the importance of their voice. For a lot of women that didn’t come from a family farm like me, you don’t always know the right information. I became more educated and confident by attending Iowa Corn events. I’ve been able to spread those agriculture facts at a local level with friends and family.”


Iowa corn growers are truly stronger united together. We want to thank you for your membership and continued commitment investment in an effective organization. Support from ICGA members like yourself is critical to the continued success to the corn industry. To learn more about couple’s membership and how you can strengthen your voice as a member of Iowa Corn, visit


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