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2018 Iowa Corn 300 Indy Car Race

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 8:42 AM by Iowa Corn


The Iowa Corn 300 was yet again a success for the 12th year running. The Iowa Speedway was packed with the infamous Iowa Corn shirts, floods of blue came from all over the state. Over 1,200 members were in attendance to not only watch the race, but also to enjoy a weekend with family, friends and fellow farmers.



Government Officials were in attendance too and using the beautiful weather as an opportunity to take a break from their busy schedules to spend time with their family all while supporting and promoting all things Iowa Corn. Dignitaries in attendance included Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Julie Kenney, as well as Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District Representative, Dave Loebsack and 3rd Congressional District Representative, David Young.



The winner of this year’s Iowa Corn 300 was James Hinchcliffe, This was Hinchcliffe’s second win of the Iowa Corn 300 and at the Iowa Speedway. Spencer Pigot came in second, and third was Takuma Sato. For both this was the first time on the podium at the Iowa Corn 300. The ethanol fueled, high performing Indy cars reached up to 180 miles per hour during the race. Iowa Corn farmers were well represented all across theIowa Speedway this year, one of the new branding assests included the new corn row pit road. Also represented were ICGA President, Mark Recker who waved the green flag, and ICPB President, Duane Aistrope who said the most famous words in racing history, “Drivers start your ethanol powered engines.”




The Iowa Corn 300 is so much more than a race to Iowa’s corn farmers it’s a chance to showcase to consumers the power and performance of a product they work all year to produce. This year was not exception to showcasing the importance of ethanol to race fans across the world.  All in all, the race was a huge success yet again, and we throughly enjoyed meeting with our farmers throughout the state and having discussions on the importance and impact of corn.


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