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Meet an Iowa Corn Farmer: Andy and Abbie Johnson

Posted on October 2, 2015 at 3:44 PM by Iowa Corn

The Iowa Corn Growers Association is proud to serve our more than 8,000 farmer members across the state. These members are the backbone of our organization and we like to introduce you to those that continue to make this organization great. This month, meet Andy and Abbie Johnson, Iowa Corn members from Northern Iowa who seized an opportunity to educate young professionals by helping to found the North Iowa Professionals in Agriculture group. 

Tell us about yourself, your family, background and farm operation:


Both my husband and I are agriculture educators by trade. I taught four years at the high school level and five years at a community college. My husband taught high school 10 years. We both loved being in the classroom and educating the younger generations about agriculture. It is awesome to see a room full of students who are passionate about agriculture! Once we had our son it became harder to be a good educator, farmer and most importantly a parent. We have both decided to leave the classroom for the last couple of years and focus on our family and farming. My husband and I operate Cedar River Ag Solutions, a seed business near the Osage area. We also farm around Osage with my husband’s parents, brother and other family. We also have a commercial flock consisting of about 50 ewes and finish feeder lambs.






Why did you decide to be a farmer/become involved with farming?



Farming has been in my husband’s family for many generations. He is the 7thgeneration to farm in the family. I guess you could say “it’s in his blood!” Luckily, I grew up on a livestock farm and have it in my blood as well. We believe it is the best job in the world. We get to do what we love and help feed the world in the process. It is truly a blessing to get to be a part of the family farm!






Why did you decide to start the North Iowa Professionals in Agriculture group?



We decided to start this group because we were looking for people like ourselves, who want to network, meet new people, and share the same passion for agriculture. The group gives us a chance to learn new things, advocate for agriculture and make new friends along the way.






Why do you think it’s important to be a member of the Iowa Corn Growers Association? Why is it important to be involved with an organization such as North Iowa Professionals in Agriculture?



It is important to be involved in organizations for many reasons. For one, it is great way to network and get to know people. By doing this, we learn new ideas. Also, it gives the organization more power when we all stand together as producers and work on important issues.






Any farming advice or life lessons you’d share with new farmers?



Start small, don’t be afraid to try something different, make educated financial decisions, and work hard.




North Iowa Professionals in Agriculture
The group will meet monthly blending social events with more serious topics. By moving the location around north Iowa, they hope draw more members. For more information join the Facebook group email
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