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Why I-LEAD has been an invaluable experience

Posted on September 2, 2015 at 3:59 PM by Iowa Corn

Being accepted into the I-LEAD class 7 program has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my 24 years. From the people I’ve met, to the lessons I’ve learned. Every day I reap the rewards of being an I-LEAD member. In the first year as a class we’ve taken part in leadership building activities, personal leadership assessments, met with numerous agriculture leaders throughout Iowa, and traveled to Louisiana to gain a better understanding of agriculture in a different part of the country.



I-LEAD has given me an opportunity to meet classmates and advisors from across the state, and I can now can say are all good friends. Class 7 has meshed like a true team does. Everyone in our group has their own individual leadership skills that we bring to the table. The I-LEAD program has helped us all to figure out how our individual skills and personalities can contributes to the team and the bigger picture.  As a business owner, learning more about my personality type, and leadership style has been an invaluable experience.




My travel experience outside of the Midwest has been limited so far in life. In the spring of 2016 our group will be going on an international trade mission to the Philippines and Malaysia. Words cannot describe how much I, and the rest of the ILEAD class 7, is looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience. I speak for the class in saying THANK YOU to all who have sponsored us as we become ambassadors for United States agriculture.





Brandon Maier was born, raised and educated in Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State University in 2013 with a degree in Agricultural Studies.


His passion for agriculture began at a young age growing up on a 1,200 acre family farm outside of Eagle Grove, Iowa. During his junior year at Iowa State, Brandon began his own trenching and excavating business as a way of entering into the family farming operation. Overtime his business has grown tremendously; making him a dirt mover by day, farmer by night.
Outside of work, Brandon is a die-hard cyclone fan, sports enthusiast and has a passion for aviation.


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