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8 Things That Have a Different Meaning for Farmers

Posted on July 16, 2014 at 3:57 PM by Iowa Corn


Farming is a way of life with many similarities and differences to those who don’t farm. Check out our 8 things that have a different meaning to Farmers!

1. Holidays- Holidays carry a different meaning for Farmers. Just because it’s Christmas morning, the livestock still needs to be taken care of. Driving home from Easter service? There will be stopping to check on the crops or check on the cattle. The chores don’t stop just because it’s a special day.

2. Weather - Weather is not just sunshine or rain for Farmers; it’s the difference between a great crop, a good one or a total loss. Weather affects and determines so much for Farmers. During the polar weather much of the country experience this past winter, Farmers don’t have the luxury of staying inside where it’s warm  - they have a livelihood to maintain.

3. Weekends – The saying goes “same stuff, different day,” and that’s what it’s like for Farmers. Sure time will be made for Church but not much else changes – chores need to be done, especially if harvest or plant is going on.

4. Meals
- Most meals revolve around a table and occur at the same time. Not for Farmers. Their meals vary daily and their table – well a lot of time its a tailgate of a truck or the cab of a tractor because they’ve got work to do!
5. Seasons - Sure there is winter, spring summer and fall – but the most important ones are Plant and Harvest. Though they come at different times for different things, those are the seasons that Farmers operate around.

6. Pets - Dogs and cats, sure we’ve got those, but they usually serve a purpose. Barn cats and farm dogs all help out. But we’ve also got all of our other cattle, pigs, chickens, horses, goats etc. that we look at as our pets as well. After all, they still have to be taken care of and a lot of times have it nicer than the actual Farmers!

7.  Risks – Farming is a risky job. From the manual aspect, there are many things Farmers face on a daily basis that most won’t ever have to deal with. Farm equipment, animals, grain bins etc. They all carry inherent risks that Farmers face daily. As to other risks, between battling mother nature and trying to predict before your crop will even go in the ground how it will fair – those are big risks that can determine so much about your profit and whether or not you will make money this year.

8. Family - A family that farms together, stays together. Family carries a different meaning for Farmers, not in they value them any more than the next person, but when you grow up on a Farm, you know you’ll be working that farm. After all, over 97 percent of farms are Family Farms!

Think we left one out? Leave us a comment with something you think has a different meaning for Farmers!

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