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Fuels America Launching Digital, Pro-RFS Ads in D.C. Market

Posted on June 26, 2014 at 2:09 PM by Iowa Corn

Fuels America is launching another round of ads in the Washington, D.C., market to highlight the need for continued support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2).

The digital ads will run through the end of June on the websites of National Journal and The Hill, as well as through Google searches, a Fuels America spokesperson explained to OPIS. "It is a significant media buy," the spokesperson added.

The ad shows two gasoline prices at the pump: $3.78/gal for gasoline and 
$3.02/gal for ethanol. While the ad does not clarify anything further, the Fuels 
America spokesperson noted that the gasoline price shown is of E10 and the 
ethanol price shown is that of E85. "The screen shot depicts an example of the 
price difference between E85 and E10," the spokesperson noted.

Below the gasoline prices, the ad states "Why let Big Oil pump us dry? Let's 
invest in affordable, homegrown renewable fuels. Save the Renewable Fuel 

Fuels America has sponsored several other rounds of ads to promote the RFS.

EPA's proposed 2014 RFS calls for nearly across-the-board cuts. The agency plans 
to issue its final 2014 targets "shortly," but the rules have yet to be sent to 
the Office of Management and Budget for review.

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