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2014 Planting is Wrapped Up!

Posted on May 27, 2014 at 9:18 AM by Iowa Corn

Our 2014 planting season is complete as of this past Saturday.  Yeah!  Kevin finished planting corn last Monday and the soybeans on Saturday.  Just in time for a nice relaxing Memorial Day weekend!  Well, as relaxing as it can be between cattle chores, gardening, a wedding, a get together with friends, and a fish fry with family!  But as least we were able to enjoy all that together this weekend!

Final field of soybeans that Kevin had to plant.
This spring planting season didn't go quite as fast as Kevin was hoping, but he's pretty lucky that he didn't get crops in early this year because we had some pretty cold temps a few days. 

These soybeans are the first crops he planted this spring on May 7th.  They are finally coming up in this warm weather we have been having these last few days.

The first corn that he planted around May 8th is finally popping out of the ground and looks pretty good.  Some of the other corn that was planted the middle to end of April in our area got hit hard by the frost last week, but I am told the growing point is still below the ground on those little plants so they should come out of it ok. 

So now that planting is done for the year it's on to cattle!  Kevin's been getting some of them all ready to be artificially inseminated in about a week and putting the bulls out to pasture with some of the other cows.  Stay tuned!

Sara Ross is a CommonGround volunteer living in Minden, Iowa with her husband and two young sons.  She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and works as a marketing manager at an insurance agency. Although Sara doesn’t work on the farm every day, when she does help, she enjoys helping in their corn, soybean and hay fields. She also enjoys caring for their 75 head of cattle.
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