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Posted on April 15, 2014 at 6:30 AM by Iowa Corn

Attendees at the DOT Training in Atlantic
In late February, Iowa DOT Training Officer joined 40 farmers in an event held in Atlantic, Iowa. The Iowa Department of Transportation's (DOT) Office, strives to reduce injuries and fatalities by allowing safe and efficient movement of agricultural products, machinery and supplies.The Farmer Safety Initiative aids in this effort by conducting community outreach sessions and answering questions received from farmers. The DOT training that occurred in February allowed farmers to ask questions about medical care, hands free phone usage and license classification.

The Iowa DOT also reviewed existing rules, regulations and load securement for farm trucks. For more information on the state of Iowa’s implementation of the agricultural relation provisions of MAP-21, click here

Janelle Kracht is a District Field Manager for Iowa Corn.  She has been with the Iowa Corn Growers for six years and enjoys working with active county groups and farmers to help educate the local consumer about corn and the many products derived from corn.  She enjoys working with local farmers to promote their product and increase membership.  Janelle grew up in the heart of corn country, Coon Rapids, IA and resides there today.  Although she didn't grow up on a farm, she is passionate about farming and sharing the farming story.   She graduated from Iowa State University with BS in Horticulture.  Janelle is active in her community, serving on the City Council, the Golf Course Board of Directors, and in her local church group.  She enjoys spending time with her family, golfing, volunteering and attending ISU Athletic events.

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