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Posted on March 29, 2014 at 6:30 AM by Iowa Corn

My siblings & I sorting cattle
Growing up a farm kid was one of the best opportunities. Sure it meant that I was the only girl taking a picture with the farm donkey on prom day. Yes, it led me to wear blue jeans on the hottest day of the year in order to survey a couple hours on a hay rake. It even led me to wear a crown and sash that titled me the “Boone County Beef Queen!” This seemingly not-so-glamorous lifestyle, however, is one I learned to love. Naturally, I decided to pursue a degree in Agricultural Communications at Iowa State University.

Last week, I spent five days with the Iowa Corn staff learning about agriculture, the partnerships they are involved in and the opportunities available for Iowa Corn Grower members.

My entire family shares a love for agriculture. 
Thomas Jefferson once said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in coveralls and looks like hard work.” At Iowa Corn, they are not missing opportunity – rather they are creating it. They may be working behind a desk but their hearts are in a corn field praying for rain and a prosperous growing season. Iowa Corn helps farmers grow and become some of the most respected people in America, one conversation at a time.

Whether a thought provoking spread placed in the Iowa Farmer Today or an ethanol promotion commercial, Iowa Corn is creating a buzz. Iowa Corn answers questions for farmers and consumers such as:

  • The benefits of using ethanol
  • Corn used as food, fuel and fiber to feed the word
  • Safety of GMOs 
  • Water quality and conservation on Iowa farms 
  • New markets and uses for corn

Our love for horseback riding. 
Agriculture is dynamic and ever changing. The humble root of agriculture is about allowing families to create a permanent home. Now, American agriculture is about providing food for people across the world. With over seven billion people to feed, farmers have been given a very difficult task indeed.

Iowa Corn creates opportunities for farmers by educating consumers on the importance of agriculture. Because of these efforts the agricultural community has grown into downtown sky scrapers. Corporate professionals can be found explaining why GMOs are good, how ethanol might impact our future and how farmers are continually improving practices to make this world a better place for future generations.

Sure, farmers work long hours. Yes, they often find themselves having to make risky business decisions. And it’s certainly no secret that their harvest is dependent on a constantly changing forecast. May their field of opportunities continue to grow through the proactive work of Iowa Corn. May more Iowan citizens take the opportunity to become agriculture advocates and may we all learn to have a greater appreciation for the industry that continues to advance this great state we live in.

Lauren Haglund grew up on a small family farm in Boone, IA where her family grows corn, soybeans, operates a custom hay baling operation and has a registered Angus cattle operation. Lauren is currently a senior at Iowa State University majoring in Agricultural Communications and looks forward to pursuing a career in agriculture advocacy. 

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