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Brazil Mission - Day 8

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 6:04 PM by Iowa Corn

Ministry of agriculture
We spent the last two days of the Brazil trip in the Capitol of Brasilia. The time was spent visiting with organizations representing agriculture, the petroleum and biofuels industries and the government. Brazil is a very large country and has a lot of potential to increase production of livestock, soybeans and grain,  and sugarcane and ethanol. They have expansion plans mapped out. Lack of adequate transportation infrastructure and inconsistent government policies will make it very difficult to achieve their goals in the near future but they will make progress.

Brazilian Biodiesel Association
In 2005, a large offshore oil field was discovered in the southern region. We met with the Brazilian oil company Petrobas. In addition to their oil business they also have invested in ethanol and biofuels. They believe the future includes biofuels for the good of the environment and the strength and stability it provides for the rural population of Brazil.

Roger Zylstra is a farmer in Jasper County and President of Iowa Corn Growers Association. On his farm they raise corn, soybeans, pasture ground and also own a hog feeding operation. Roger enjoys the challenges of working outdoors, growing food and fiber. He recognizes there will continue to be opportunities and challenges in farming.

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