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I-LEAD Class Reports from China - Day 6

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 4:20 PM by Iowa Corn

Another busy day has come to an end for us on our travels throughout China.  We started out the day by visiting the Dongchaun Fresh Market.  This was similar to the first wet market we saw on day two of our travels, but offers more amenities such as U.S. frozen pork from a vendor called "Supersteak". This provided them some food safety that they had not been receiving by purchasing hot meat off the carcass.  There are 8 Supersteaks in the Guangzhou area.

Next we went and visited an up and coming entrepreneur by the name of Steve Mo. Mr. Mo started Bester Foods. Bester Foods brings in imported meat from around the world and sell it frozen to locals. He sells US pork, but not only that but mainly Iowa Pork in particular.  What is so revolutionary about his business is that he does some business through e-commerce with at home delivery. He also has a store front, and a demonstration kitchen where he educates the people how to properly cook US Pork for safety and taste quality. 

In the afternoon we were able to visit a local temple and take in some of the local culture. They were having a service while we were there, which was really interesting to see. The Chinese architecture in the temple was like nothing back at home.

Our next stop was Shamen Island. The is a part of town that was built by foreigners in China. The architecture was mostly had a western world influence. 

The sightseeing concluded with a trip to Sams Club.  And yes it is the Sams Club just as we would think of one, but with a few differences. This was on two floors, and the meat was completely different again. We saw pakage and frozen US Pork again, and fresh fish. They had live fish, turtles, crab and such they were selling. You could also buy fish, squid, and such on ice as well.

Our evening concluded with dinner at Panyu at Supersteak. This was a tasting of several cuts of US Pork. Our company for the evening were local buyers of US Pork. It was absolutely wonderful food and great company.

Jeff Johnson of Riverton, Iowa is involved in a family farming operation located in Fremont and Mills counties in Iowa. They raise corn and soybeans in a rotation and are a strict no-till operation. A large majority of their land has been in continuous no-till for more than 27 years.  In addition, the family operates a DuPont Pioneer seed business. They treat soybeans, provide crop scouting and custom spraying as well. 


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